jolteonracer ;  
How does the mun feel about a game of Gran Turismo with me \ uwu/

I’m assuming it’s a racing game >W>

Mun is game for your game

curlymustachios ;  
What's your favorite pokemon? :3


The question to hammer all questions.

You know a one pokemon answer won’t come out of this, heh. I would have to say Charizard/Greninja/Raichu are my top favorites. I don’t get into depth as in because of stats or what not. I like them because of design, which is what people usually go for lol

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//I’m open for Munday questions today! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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curlymustachios ;  
Is it hard to come up a backstory for Mason?

I’ll be honest, it was at first. I still had holes in his backstory from when I started his blog. But those holes are slowly patching up as I go along. I still think of how his future and backstory will work out when I present it. For example, the concept of Weremason was made last December and I only introduced him recently! Then again, I’m also busy with life outside of tumblr and then I get lazy after that, heh.

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samurottedge ;  
What's your favorite part about running this blog?

Good question! I certainly love interacting with other ask blogs! It also gives me great practice to get out of my shell and be a more open person than I was before. I also get good practice with drawing. I’ve improved so much in my art style and I’m really proud of that myself. There’s a lot of things to love about running an ask blog an those are just a few ;w;

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asuralicious ;  
Whaaaaat are your thoughts and stances on the sometimes strange and large volume of "mature" pokemon content on the internets?

I’m gonna narrow it down to pertaining it to this blog. Since Lucario tends to get much attention on that topic, my blog can get inappropriate asks quite often actually. It’s just something I signed up for using a bipedal pokemon that has quite the popularity plus the flirty personality that Mason has just supports the nsfw asks I get. I tend to ignore it as much as I can if it starts to get annoying. The people who like that topic can express themselves somewhere else other than my blog.

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"Hey there, my name’s Little! I don’t have much to say about myself other than I’m pretty open to anything though I am a little shy and probably considered boring. Hopefully soon I can fully be able to introduce myself!"

asklittlethechu ;  
How do you start an OC ask blog help //bows [its littaly btw]

Hey Dawn!! :0

Well first off, think of a starter post to introduce your OC, it can be something witty or just a simple ‘Hello!’ to the crowd.
Here are some of my examples: [x] [x]

Another tip is to use your tags! Definitely ones like #signal boost or #pokemon askblog and tags for whatever OC you’re doing, I’m assuming #pikachu for you >u>

One last thing is to make sure your ask box is open! It’s might sound silly to suggest, but you’d be surprised how often people forget to open their ask box.

By then, I’m sure you’ll get people to help and promote you! Let me know once you make that starter post and I’ll give you a signal boost <3

askaleafeon ;  
what inspired you to make mason? \ovo

It started with me wanting to make a new ask blog I was confident in. One with a story that I could really get into and with a character that people could be interested in. I started going through lists of pokemon that I thought I could work with. I kept narrowing down the list by drawing pokemon from it and to see what felt comfortable to me. Then I narrowed it down to Lucario. I practiced drawing Lucario a lot until I found a style that suited me. I slapped some accessories and a personality and then Mason was born. I grew more confident in his story as time went on and I’m still doing so today.

Fun fact: Mason was originally supposed to wear a bowtie and have a collection of bowties.

wuldor ;  
why are you so frickin adorable and lovable? oHo

Choco you know this question cannot be answered it is unfathomable