Dam i t MAson


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Mason is hot both human and lucario



I had a thought earlier about what I would do if I met my OC’s in real life, so then I drew this. For Mason’s sake, I would probably tell him how much of a dork he is and hug him to death. Now every time I look at this drawing, I just wish that something like this could happen ;w;


(AUUAUAGHGHUAHG [thats wolf-speak for: finally! I just got the first chance in like a month to post this ;w; me and colby started an art trade, and she said i didn’t need to draw for it since she took awhile, but i don’t roll that way so uwu heres mason being the flirty dork he is, and I really hope you like it friend ;;w;;])

Look at this cutie!! aaa thank you so much clipsey-mod this is wonderful I love it <33 Thanks for doing this art trade with me!

//Sorry for the inactivity! Been away taking care of my grandma and I have class starting soon so I’m not sure how active I’ll be after but I hope to come back to answer asks again! Also thanks to those who have sent asks while I’ve been away!

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This blog recently hit 1,000+ followers and I am so thankful for all of you, I really appreciate it ;;u;;

Thank you for sticking with this blog through thick and thin and I hope you’ll stay tuned for the adventures ahead!! ♥

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"Oh, you look like on of those... Lucarios I saw before. Say, are you with that Raichu over there? You two seem really nice together!"


"No I’m not ‘with' her, if that's what you're implying.”

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*hugs mason aggressively*


"You look different!.. I mean, that’s not a BAD thing, no not at all! Uh, how have you been? and how’s your.. kid..?”


*Throws jacket at you*

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I’m gonna get you next time, dork <3333

Can’t resist a cutie in a hoodie ~ ♥

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