So I had been thinking about doing a little giveaway for a while and since I was reaching the 1000th follower mark I decided then would be a good time to hold one. WELL THE TIME HAS COME.

As a thanks for helping me reach this milestone I will be awarding someone with a full color picture like the one below!



( Optional simple BG )

Now down to some important rules.

  • You must be a follower
  • You must have been following me PRIOR to this post ( July 28, 2014) I will be checking.
  • Pokemon blogs ONLY (ask or rp )
  • Only reblogs count (1 reblog per person)
  • You are allowed to reblog it onto a mod blog so long as you mention who you are

The giveaway ends August 10th!

Once again thank you very much! I wish all those who participate the best of luck! 

Can’t resist a cutie in a hoodie ~ ♥

for ask-firefly-the-raichu

//Sorry for the inactivity around here! I’m hoping to pick things up back here soon!


I tried to draw one of my friends characters! It was a quick sketch and very fun to draw!

I love it so much, as you know already!! I’m still lovin that intense glare, hehe. Thank you very much!! ♥

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Needed to let off some steam so I took it out on WereMason.

Don’t worry I’m fine now.


I did a poke shame

colbyart ;  
✍ Weremason and Luna >w>


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naoren ;  
✍ a baby weremason



nao you’re a genius…

what have I done

For those of you who play Tomodachi Life, here’s a QR Code for Mason that’s free to use!